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Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a Skin Moisturizer

Rejuvenate dry skin
Use extra virgin olive oil as a wonderful moisturizer for both the face and body.

Smooth out wrinkles
Olive oil softens and smoothes the skin, leaving it very supple. It has exceptional penetrating ability and is able to lock in natural moisture, thus preventing wrinkles and dry skin.

Remove eye makeup
Because extra virgin olive oil is so pure and non-irritating you can safely use it to remove eye and facial makeup.

Rejuvenate your lips
Winter or summer, use extra virgin olive oil as a lip balm to soothe chapped and dry lips.

Condition dry hair
Use a small amount of extra virgin oil on your fingertips to condition dry hair. Olive oil does two things for the hair; it increases its strength as well as improving its overall flexibility. This is especially important if you regularly use hair dryers and heated rollers, both of which can be very drying to the hair.

Treat dandruff and hair loss
Using a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on your scalp will treat dandruff and may actually prevent hair loss

Strengthen nails, soften hands
Use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to treat dry hands and strengthen fingernails.