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California Olive Oil Council

Olive oil can be a tricky business. It has been coveted for centuries as food, health aid and religious symbol. It is expensive to produce and earns top dollar on the open market. And cheaper, lesser quality oils can easily sneak by the untrained palate, virtually guaranteeing fraud. See this outstanding article published in 2007 by The New Yorker about the trading of adulterated olive oil on the world market.

This is why we are so lucky to have the California Olive Oil Council! Founded in 1992, the COOC is the only North American certified quality control program that exceeds international standards for extra virgin olive oil. It is also a non-profit trade and marketing association created to promote the growing of olives and the production of olive oil in California.

All COOC-certified oils are subjected to a panel sensory evaluation to ascertain desirable attributes and defects, in addition to a chemical analysis to determine the level of free fatty acids, which must be at or less than 0.5%. The oil must also be extracted without chemicals or excessive heat.

The COOC Seal is a guarantee that you are enjoying a California extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. See their website for more information on certified California oils, upcoming events, recipes and more at

Malibu Olive Company is proud to bear the California Olive Oil Council seal!